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Office Flipcharts Melbourne
Desktop Flipchart
Small Size-Big ImpactPerfect for small office presentations or
where space is limited
* Portable
* 600x600mm surface area
* Easy to use pad holder
* Double-sided
* Magnetic whiteboard on one side
* Flipchart side with non-magnetic whiteboard
* Paper pad included
* Convenient carry handle
VFCDT $210
Office Flipcharts Melbourne
Mobile Flipchart
You can take it with youVMFC 600×900 $346
Office Flipcharts Melbourne
Whiteboard Flipchart
Elegance And Practical Design Can Go
Hand In HandWhiteboard flip-chart combines a fully adjustable paper
holding system with a magnetic whiteboard
for a versatile presentation unit.
* Compact paper clamp
* Adjustable paper hooks
* Telescopic legs
* Powder coated frame
* Dry-wipe magnetic backboard
* Pen-tray
* Side extension attachment available
* Carry bag-optional extra
* 900x600mm backboard
* Paper pad included
VFC $365
Office Flipcharts Melbourne
The Communicator
Weighs approximately
10kg Non-magnetic backboard 600×900
Office Flipcharts Melbourne
Standard Easel
Supports boards up to 1200x1200mm