What On Earth Has Office Furniture Got To Do With Slow Mornings?

Posted on December 09, 2014 by OfficePlusFurniture

Monday – Woke up, feeling stiff yet rushed to work in 30 minutes…

Tuesday – Woke up and was creaking all over, yet rushed to work in 40 minutes…

Wednesday – Woke up but hardly energetic to handle the morning rush…

Thursday – Woke up with a wound up feeling. Trying to make it to office without pulling some muscle…

Friday - Woke up, was feeling too tight to move and could not make it to work in time…

Are you one of the thousands who have to be up on time to make it to work? Does it feel like something is holding you back? This is called morning stiffness/body tightness which happens for multiple reasons. To simply state, the multiple reasons could be summed up as lack of flexibility and getting sore through inactivity during sleep.

Why do office workers end up being the victim?

  • Anatomy - Today’s workers undergo such problems primarily because they force their bodies to function in a way which it was not designed for in the first place.

  • Too much work too little time - How often are you stuck in your chair without moving a muscle?

  • Zero Activity Does activity in your day mean the once-in-a-blue-moon walk or getting into & out of the car to go to the workplace?

  • Lifestyle Limitations - When your life’s goals and dreams all seem to emanate from that small space near your desk, you inevitably end up spending most of the time being there - doing sedentary activities only!

  • Stress Levels Can’t beat the system! It is necessary to deal with the deadlines, projects in the pipeline and the boss (especially one who keeps an eye on you to ensure that there are not too many trips to the loo, snack cart or water cooler).

Is there any way out?

  1. Ergonomic Tools – Measuring the requirements of your job could be the solution. Workstations can be both sitting and standing. Chairs should be as per the user’s anatomy – with adjustable head-rests, arm-rests and chair seats. Did you know standing as well as sitting workstations as a stand along arrangement are notorious for the side effects? An ideal combination is what suits the job’s requirements. For ex – A typist needs a sitting arrangement whereas a research analyst who works on collating data can do well with a standing cum sitting arrangement. One size would not fit all.

  1. "Work"ercise – An office environment which preaches and practices healthy work routine can help lessen the carry-forward of fatigue. Stretching at periodic intervals, walking around every 20 minutes, not getting consumed by the monitor and awareness about these ergonomic must-dos would be a start!

  2.  Work-Life Balance - The most clichéd mantra for the corporate world. Yet the world does move in circles and this is what it is coming back to. Stress can be the silent killer in your life and a healthy work-life balance can help beat it. There are endless resources available today to achieve a balance of some sorts – better than losing your health completely with zero control over work-life equation.



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